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About Groupe Chagneau

The synergy of the companies is intended to give coherence by harmonising the processes. The pooling of our knowledge and expertise allows us to move forward and grow together to forge the Groupe Chagneau.




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The history of Groupe Chagneau

Groupe Chagneau, formerly CINVEST was founded in 2006 by Thierry Chagneau following the acquisition of a major player in the manufacture of bungalows in France, ATEMCO. With the sale of the latter, he will take over the management of the Modular Constructions branch of the Industrie Finance investment fund Under his management, approximately 200 people will work on 4 different sites with a total annual turnover of 40M€.
Since 2010, Thierry Chagneau has been developing his own investment company, Groupe Chagneau.
Pierre Chagneau is Thierry Chagneau’s son.
After 5 years of business school, he joined the family company Groupe Chagneau.
In 2015, he took over the general management of France-Pivots. Newly acquired company.
Two years later, he took over the management of Galvasteel with which he participated in the acquisition of the Belgian company Open OOH.
At the beginning of 2019, he took over the management of Mat Equip in Haillan.
Under his management, a little more than one hundred people are currently working on 4 different sites, with a total turnover of 20 M€.
Today, the Groupe Chagneau it’s 7 companies.

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